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About Us

We have many combined decades of working in the Built Environment in the MENA region. We have worked for Capital Assets Owners as well as for Providers of Outsourced Services. 

The idea to create ASUITE is the result of repeated frustrating situations:  On one hand, organizations with urgent needs to streamline their businesses but are unable to lay their hand on an IT tool that is actually capable of replicating their business workflows. On the other hand, IT solutions' providers which try hard to sell their “tools” but are often unable to fully comprehend the actual needs and pains of these organizations.


Where a deep understanding of the specific industry needs is required, The IT solutions' providers only offer IT competency and prowess.


Built on both the many decades of expertise in operation management in the MENA region and technical expertise in implementing and customizing IBM’s Maximo, a powerful, market leader Enterprise Assets Management, ASUITE has the necessary technical expertise to assist its clients in their strive to:

  • Re-engineer their business workflows;

  • Digitize the business workflows;

  • Actually, deploy the workflows through IBM's Maximo; and

  • Host the deployment through a SaaS Offering, if this type of licensing & delivery model is opted for.


Unlike management consultancy firms, our journey with our clients goes beyond establishing a diagnostic, recommending sets of measures and eventually, supervising the implementation of these measures: If required by our clients, we can ACTUALLY deliver these measures through a turn-key solution that is both flexible and cost-effective, without, in most cases, any advanced payments.

Because we are keen to offer attractive proposals, we have opted for a pricing model that is based on the pay-as-you-use principle, starting from the end of a free trial period, once the processes and procedures have been set and deployed on our platform.

The SaaS Offering will enable our clients:

  • Transition from a capital expense to an operational expense model with a subscription-based, monthly rental option;

  • Reduce internal IT expense by removing IT infrastructure, operating systems, and middleware administration costs; and

  • Get the full benefit of mobility (business on the go) that is embedded in our SaaS Offering.


ASUITE is a member in IBM PartnerWorld since 2015.

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