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Maximo Implementation

This implementation offering is based on our operational management expertise and our deep knowledge of Maximo.


Step1:     Understand the client's needs


Step2:     Conduct a gap-analysis to assess the exact Maximo Implementation requirements and prepare the Project Implementation Plan;


Step3:     Assist clients in digitizing their companies’ business workflows & processes


a/ ASUITE have robust, ready-to-deploy business workflows that were derived from years of experience in Operations Management. These workflows can obviously be amended and tweaked to include any specific requirements the clients may have;


b/ ASUITE have the capability to build, from the ground up, any business workflows the client may require. We will advise the companies on the best practices and always check how practical these workflows are so as the implementation is seamless and effective.




  • We believe that an effective business workflow is a step-by-step procedure that is comprehensive, detailed, accounts for all scenarios and is easily implementable on the selected IT Platform. While arduous and often time-consuming, the exercise of redrafting business workflows & processes can be very rewarding for the clients: it is the ideal opportunity to pause and reflect and how their business is being run versus how it should be run. 


  • When adopted and effectively used by the client, efficient business workflows will highlight any bottleneck that may plague the clients’ service delivery. These bottlenecks can then be tracked and reported on, thanks to the data gathered during the execution of the workflows, by the IT Platform on which these workflows are deployed.


  • ASUITE champion the use of business workflows that will:

  1. Support the clients’ drive for implementing governance rules;

  2. Improve role clarity for the clients’ employees;

  3. Foster ownership among the clients’ stakeholders (internal departments, service providers…) and thus improve productivity;

  4. Help track and measure the performance of these different stakeholders (Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Human Resources, Helpdesk, Commercial, Finance, Service providers…);

  5. Help build a meaningful and in-depth Management Information System (MIS) that is both configurable and easily accessible.  (Dashboards, reports…)


  • ASUITE understand that the clients’ workflows & Service Delivery Model may require the integration of more than two IT solutions. Our platform will allow for this integration to take place, in a seamless and cost-effective manner. The discussions about the need for any systems’ integration will take place during Step 1 of our Maximo Implementation offering;


Step4:     Test and deploy the configured business workflows on IBM’s Maximo for a ready-to-use experience;


a/ ASUITE will advise on the required hardware selection that needs to support the Maximo Implementation;

b/ ASUITE will deploy and test the workflows that were developed under Step3 of our offering, including any integration with third parties’ systems;

c/ ASUITE will organize Users Acceptance Tests (UAT) for the clients’ stakeholders to collect their feedback, address any concerns they may have and obtain their sign-offs;

d/ ASUITE will finalize the Management Information System (MIS) contents as requested during Step3 by the client;


Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are sure that we will bring value to your assets.


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