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Our digitization offerings can appeal to any GCC-based Clients’ organization whose service delivery model is characterized by:


  • The continuous creation of a large volume of transactional activities such as purchase requests, purchase orders, service requests, work orders, job tickets, service requests, stock/sku movement note,….;

  • The need to manage Service Level Agreements whether with internal and/or external parties;

  • The need to implement governance rules to nurture role clarity, improve productivity among the stakeholders (internal and external) and implement internal controls;

  • The need to adopt a project-wise approach to track costs vs. revenues;

  • The need to continuously measure lead Key Performance Indicators throughout the service delivery execution;


Given the nature of our Operations Management expertise, we will specifically be able to assist the following industries:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Physical Assets Management

    • Facilities Management

    • Strata Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Plant Operations & Maintenance

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