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Maximo Support Services

ASUITE is very qualified to provide support services for clients, who have elected to use IBM's Maximo,  to pre-empt any possibility for any downtime that may prevent the client from fully using Maximo. This is achieved by constantly monitoring the way Maximo operate. The post support services are also about attending to issues raised by any the client's Maximo users. The severity of the reported issues will be determined by the potential impact on the client’s routine business operations.

The target response days are determined based on the severity of the issue. 


Below is a high-level description of the activities that form part of our Maximo Support Offering:


Issue Resolution

Below is a high-level description of the activities that shall follow the Go-live:

  1. The client shall report any Maximo issue to ASUITE’s support team through a dedicated communication channel (email or phone). A hotline telephone number will be provided and will be answered during normal business working hours. Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

  2. ASUITE’s support team shall provide responses to acknowledge the call within this same day.

  3. ASUITE’s support team shall contact the respective users to fully understand the raised problems. ASUITE may request the user to provide the below information:

    • screenshots

    • error or exception messages

    • system logs

    • workflow map

    • remote session

  4. ASUITE’s support team shall provide live support through remote sessions

  5. ASUITE’s support team shall review the issue against implemented processes’ documentation, shall verify the bug/defect and shall apply fixes on Maximo Development/Test application environment

  6. The client users shall perform testing on the fixes on the Development/Test application environment

  7. Based on the client's users’ acceptance test (UAT), ASUITE shall prepare and submit a detailed action plan for production environment deployment for approval. Once greenlit, the deployment is then executed by ASUITE. 

  8. If the issue pertains to the core IBM product, the same shall be escalated by ASUITE to IBM with all necessary details. IBM will subsequently generate and provide the PMR number (Problem Management Report) and assign it to their support team for resolution.


Continuous Improvement


In addition to monitoring the overall performance of Maximo and attending to all issues raised by the users of Maximo, ASUITE offer the client the following key essential services:

  • Configure new Business Workflows as and when required, (up to 4 new Business Workflows alteration requests)

  • Configure applications for minor change requirements in order to support routine operations

  • Perform minor changes and customization to reports, KPIs, interfaces  

  • Design, develop and deploy new listing/sub-listing and minor reports

  • Upload Assets, Locations, Item Master, Inventory, Job Plans (these shall be provided by the client as per ASUITE’s templates).

  • Perform monthly (as a minimum) application health checks to ensure performance and clean logging

  • Constantly monitor application usage like PPM generations, Report usages, Interface logs on a monthly basis

  • Set up Database IDE and Report Designer tool for the client's application administrator for quick business support.

Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are sure that we will bring value to your assets.

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