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Cost Estimate For Facilities Management Contract

ASUITE has partnered with Advansale to offer, what we have deemed and essential service to the Providers of Facilities Management Services.

Advansale is a cloud-hosted, role-enabled, subscription-based CRM platform with its Quotation Engine and its own approvals' ecosystem and email notification. Advansale is built around a robust workflow that makes it extremely easy to review submittals, and approve or reject them, as the case may be. Leads worth few hundreds of dollars, as well as Leads related to multi-million, multi-years, multi-sites Outsourced Services' tenders can effortlessly be handled on Advansale.

Advansale help the Providers of Outsourced Services duly streamline their Business Development transactions: From Lead generation, qualification & approval to creating Scope of Works summaries and, ending with, producing detailed Quotations, in response to tenders and Requests for Proposals, and without ever resorting to complex, error-prone spreadsheet-based costing models.

Interested Capital Asset Owners can equally approach ASUITE so that cost estimate simulations on Advansale could be run. These estimates can be used as benchmarks before floating inquiries and seeking proposals from Providers of Facilities Management Services.

Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are sure that we will bring value to your assets.

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