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Business Workflows

We believe that an effective business workflow is a step-by-step procedure that is comprehensive, detailed, accounts for all scenarios and is easily implementable (on the selected IT platform that is).


While arduous and often time consuming, the exercise of redrafting business workflows & processes can be very rewarding for the clients: it is the ideal opportunity to pause and reflect and how their business is being run versus how it should be run. 


When adopted and effectively used by the clients, efficient business workflows, will highlight any bottleneck that may plague the clients’ service delivery. These bottlenecks can then be tracked and seamlessly reported, thanks to the data gathered during the execution of the workflows, on the IT platform on which these workflows are deployed.


ASUITE champion the use of business workflows that will:


  • Support the clients’ drive for implementing governance for their businesses;

  • Improve role clarity for the clients’ employees;

  • Foster ownership among the clients’ stakeholders (internal departments, service providers…) and thus improve productivity;

  • Help track and measure the performance of these different stakeholders (Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Human Resources, Helpdesk, Commercial, Finance, Service providers…);

  • Help build a meaningful and in-depth Management Information System (MIS) that is both configurable and easily accessible.  (Dashboards, reports…)


ASUITE understand that the clients’ workflows & the service model they support may require the integration of more than two IT platforms/solutions. Our platform will allow for this integration to take place, in a seamless and cost effective manner. Discussions about the need for any systems’ integration will take place before a solution can be offered;







These can include Business Workflows that are relevant, among other things, to:

  • Purchase Requests, Request for Quotations & Purchase Orders;

  • Creation and updating of Libraries of Items;

  • Service Requests Management;

  • Stock Requests Management;

  • ........

Example Of Business Workflows

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