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SaaS Offering


Our SaaS (Software as a Service) Offering will enable our clients' organizations to:

Our ESA solution includes the business workflows and processes that are specific to the Facilities Management industry across the world. 

It will be a turn key solution which users can access. The Application Forms, Reports, Dashboards, KPI/SLA Graphs, Workflows will be readily available so that the onboarding phase is as easy as possible. We shall assist the clients in creating their Projects, Locations and their Asset Registers as well as building on Maximo that are relevant to the methodology and contractual obligations they have in place to deliver/receive services for built environment. 

The solution includes critical FM operational processes such as PTW (Permit-To-Work), Statutory Compliance, HSE Compliance, Civil Defence Compliance, as well as Asset-specific preventive maintenance tasks. 

The solution includes predefined Security Groups with SoD (Segregation of Duties) for each FM Role and Profiles. 

The solution will be integrated with WhatsApp,SMS and Email exchange servers to reduce prints. 

The solution will be having an integration with the third-party system such as ERP (Account Payable, Account Receivable,…) ,CRM (To conduct customer satisfaction surveys directly from Maximo), IoT Platforms to automate maintenance tasks. 


The solution will have readily available data templates for ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) activities.  

Following are the few Values Adds of our SaaS Offerings

01.Repeatable solution includes the Dashboards, Workflows, Processes and Reports and specific to Facilities Management Industry.


02. Third-party integrations (Oracle EBS, SAP, YARDI ) and solutions enhance ESA-BP, offering customization, security, and innovation to meet evolving business needs.


03. By standardizing processes and workflows, a repeatable solution promotes efficiency. It streamlines tasks, reduces redundant efforts, and saves time and resources.


04. In essence, our solution empowers our client to establish a solid foundation of structured, repeatable processes and workflows. By harnessing this framework, clients’ businesses can achieve operational excellence, adapt to changing market conditions, and drive innovation while maintaining a consistent and standardized approach to their core processes.


05. It will have an added layer which enables user to access the Applications that are means for Facilities Management Industry.

Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are sure that we will bring value to your assets.

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