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Other Services 

Besides the digitizing services we offer to our clients, ASUITE offer services directed at the capital assets owners & operators of the Built Environment.

  • Capital Assets Owners may question the way their assets are being serviced. They may also struggle to see the added value brought by their Providers of Facilities Management Services . If this is your case, we offer to audit these operations.







  • Providers of Facilities Management Services, keen to improve the way their Business Development activities are conducted and hit their sales targets, should be interested in Advansale. 

Cloud hosted, Advansale combines:

  1. A powerful CRM, built around strong business workflows developed to handle the Inquiry-to-order transactions; and

  2. A Quotation Engine that helps the Providers of Facilities Management Services prepare detailed commercial offers without ever resorting to error-prone spreadsheets models.






Interested Capital Asset Owners can equally approach ASUITE so that cost estimate simulations on Advansale could be run. These estimates can be used as benchmarks before floating inquiries and seeking proposals from Providers of Facilities Management Services.

Image by Stephen Dawson
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