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Facilities Management Audit Services

During our interactions with Capital Assets Owners, we could identify the need to setup and offer Facilities Management Audits Services, mainly, to those benefiting from Facilities Management services. This is not say that the Providers of Facilities Management Services, seeking to evaluate their teams' performance, can't get in touch with us: We will definitely be able to table workable Audits proposals.

Capital Assets Owners and those that are in charge of overseeing the provision of Facilities Management Services to these assets, frequently find themselves wondering if their assets are well looked after. They question if their Service Providers actually:

  • Deliver what they are contractually obliged to deliver;

  • Deploy adequately skilled operatives;

  • Know what maintenance regimes are needed, asset-wise, to extend their life and reduce their life cycle cost; 

  • Collect the right information in an ordered fashion  so that track records pertaining to assets are readily accessible; and

  • Properly manage the activities of their own subcontractors.

More than ever, they question if they are getting value for their investment.


If this is the situation you find yourselves in, ASUITE is in position to help you.


ASUITE will audit the way these assets are being maintained, starting with the available documentation (contracts, monthly reports, minutes of meetings between the capital assets owners and the Service Providers, and between the Service Providers and their own subcontractors, the assets registers, the list of activities...), the business procedures, the skills of the deployed resources, and ending with thorough field visits to check on how the activities are being executed on the ground: Are the PPM plans fully comprehensive? are they being executed? How are the ad-hoc service requests being attended to?.....

Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are sure that we will bring value to your assets.

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